Monday, February 7, 2011

Motivation, Snow Days and the Super Bowl

Hi ya'll.  Hard to believe we are now into the month of February.  Time flies.  I really need help finding my motivation.  Oh please help me find it.  I so want to be motivated.  I am even having a hard time finding time to motivate myself to craft.  Really?

In other news, we had ice and snow.  School was canceled for four days.  Yes, I said four days.  We got a rush of cold air from the North, and it stayed below freezing.  The sun did not come out.  The roads got nasty and nobody could get out of their houses or even drive their cars.

This week Monday I called out of work to go to the doctor because I was afraid I wouldn't get to my scheduled appointment on Tuesday.  I am glad I called out Monday because I was right, frozen roads and bitter temperatures.  Tuesday through Friday were snow days. Because I was sick I was grateful to be able to stay home and get well. On Monday I had my zPak, so I was set to hunker down and wait the cold weather out.

I finished two scarves, and I need to get them to the post office.

 Raiders Black Hometown USA
Green Bay Green Hometown USA

Splurging this week, I had my nails painted. Too bad the polish is no longer on my finger nails.  It was nice while it lasted.  Here I am wearing Do You Think I'm Tex-y?

Here are the two shades of polish I purchased: It's Totally Fort Worth It and Do You Think I'm Tex-y?  I have not tried the Grey-pinkish shade, but I am totally excited by it.  Here is a video from you tube about it.  I just have to share:
Also, check out the OPI fashion shoot for Texas. Click on Texas Collection.  Yes the girls wear shorts and boots around here, just not those kinds of boots and have fun staring at the big hair too.  Yep.  At the Fort Worth Stock Show I observed girls with big hair chasing sheep around the barn. Yes.  You read that right! Wish I had my camera with me (speaking of camera, my Blackberry was held hostage the whole week due to the bad weather). The cool thing is the Texas collection came out right before the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl is finally over, and I hope we get the game back in five years.  We tried to be good hosts and at least the people in Texas are friendly! Some people didn't get to have their seats from the big game, so people were mad and said, "Dallas Sucks".  Nobody from Arlington was correcting them.  :)  Hehe.  See previous post about the Texas Stadium. 

Last weekend I picked up cupcake dishes from Target, and I used the dishes to decorate my kitchen table.  I was hoping to motivate myself.  Here are pictures of the cupcake trays. Aren't they cute? 

Of course, your week would not be complete until I post pictures of the babies.
 We had a lot of couch time because of the cold weather.

 Greedy, gut, Gracie, girl standing by her daddy hoping for protection from the chew-chew stealing Sammy.  She is holding three chews in her mouth. 

Lastly, I came across somebody who uses Andrella as their Google identity.  I just found this ironic because this identity name takes my first and middle name and squeezes it together.  Check out her blog.    Her blog is in German, so I used Google translator to get the gist of what she says.  Have a great week and stay warm.


  1. Dear aaaandreaaaa,
    you got a lot of snow!!! Today the sun has shined since long time, i like it!
    Some of sunbeams i will send youuuuuuuuuuuuu.
    hugs from andrella

  2. Andrea, your pics are gorgeous. Love the color of your nail polish,the table settings and most of all the babies. Have a great week!