Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vinny on her Birthday, Pancreatic Cancer, and a Sinus Infection

Vinny on her Birthday, originally uploaded by aaaandreaaaa.
This week, I made this double crochet scarf for Vinny on her birthday. The yarn I used was purchased from JoAnn's, and it is called Turquoise 2 Rainbow Clsc. Pttrn, Art# 01800721, and Color # 16803. I love the different vibrant shades of blues, and Vinny looks amazing.

Sorry I have been so silent because an amazing teacher, I work with found out she has Pancreatic cancer. We were all very hopeful, but they couldn't do anything for her, so they sewed her back up. Now she has three to six months to live. God be with Charlene, her family, and her friends.

I am still fighting the sinus infection, and I went back to the doctor on Monday. Finally, this weekend, I felt like doing something productive besides sitting on the couch. Blessings.


  1. Love, love the scarf. Looks great on her and what a nice present!!
    Hopeuflly your week will be better :)

  2. Vinny looks fantastic in her pretty new scarf, great work, Andrea!...
    I have been sick now for a few days, sinus infection, bronchitis, the works; ended up at the Doctor's office yesterday...hope you will feel better soon...
    We have a huge snowstorm going on since last night and it is supposed to continue on till tomorrow afternoon, I have had enough of snow, I want Spring...
    So sorry to hear about your teacher friend Charlene, but never give up hope, I have been there, I am a cancer survivor...she is in my thoughts and prayers...

  3. Sorry to hear about Charlene, Andrea. It's such an awful disease. You might consider recommending her to Spirit Jump to receive encouragement. It's a great charity focussed on encouraging those who are fighting cancer or other long-term or terminal illness.

  4. Heidi thanks for the encouraging words. Hope you are feeling better? Sorry to hear you are battling the same thing. Hope you survived the snow storm.

  5. pixieworx thanks for stopping by. Hope you are staying warm in Austin? Thanks for information about Spirit Jump. Glad you stopped by old friend.